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Hello, I'm Alan St. George, sculptor, painter, designer at Havencrest Castle since 1976.

Alan St George's Bio:

Alan St George is the founder and president of Facemakers, Inc., the world's largest animal costume and mascot-maker, established when he was 19 years old. Alan was married to his beloved late wife, Adrianne Blue Wakefield-St George, for 31 years, 2 months, and 10 days until her death in 2006. Alan attended The Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, where Disney attended as a youth. Alan's sculptures and paintings fill his home high atop a hill overlooking the Mississippi River. Alan is co-founder of one humane society and one pet rescue in Carroll County, Illinois where he lives.

Alan St George's Experience:

  • Artist at Havencrest Castle

    Alan St. George is a sculptor in bronze and Plaster of Paris, as well as a designer, trompe l'oeil artist, and a painter in oils since 1976 at this location.

Alan St George's Education:

  • The Chicago Academy of Fine Arts

    Alan St. George left The Academy to start Facemakers, Inc., at age 19
    Concentration: Life Drawing, Art History, Sculpture, Painting, Color, Design

Alan St George's Interests & Activities:

Alan St. George enjoys the Performing Arts, travel, hiking, art history, architecture, pet rescue, scuba diving, paragliding, and charities devoted to reducing alienation/discrimination of the individual in modern society. Alan enjoys conversations with people from all walks of life worldwide.

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